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Bots Talking To Bots

This past fall I got so sick of getting innumerable, annoying robo calls that I downloaded the app YouMail, which dealt with the problem perfectly.

Franchi's Five

Entrepreneur, investor, and former 212NYC Board member Eric Franchi curates and comments on interesting reads from the world of marketing and media in his a weekly newsletter The IO. From his most recent observations, here are five of our favorites:

Social Media 101 for Marketers: UGC is Everything

UGC is a fundamental aspect of social media but leading brands, and their agencies, continue to fail to understand the importance of UGC and how to effectively communicate with their audiences. This article provides 101 recommendations on how brand marketers should embrace UGC in their social marketing strategies.

Deserve it

In this first post for the 212NYC community, I had to look beyond my normal constituency and readership…beyond the media and technology sellers and CROs who normally read my stuff. I wanted this piece to resonate with the entire organization – buyers, sellers, clients, data providers, HR people….everybody.

With Social Media Be Careful What You Wish For

On Halloween of this year representatives of Google, Facebook and Twitter appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee's Crime and Terrorism Subcommittee, and the senators who quizzed them treated them like they were wearing Pinocchio costumes.

Speaking Out for Diversity: Join Us to Stand and Be Counted

At TED2006, speaker Tony Robbins discussed the "invisible forces" that motivate everyone's actions, and commented “It’s not about the success you aspire to or will achieve. It’s about what you can accomplish with the success you have already achieved.” His simple comment set me on a path that has altered my career and my life.