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Professional Development Tips from Robin Amos Kahn of Own The Room

Imagine you're sitting in a conference room and the speaker arrives at the podium holding a huge stack of papers and immediately starts showing endless PowerPoint slides. Each slide is dense with so many bullet points, sentences and graphs-you can barely take any of it in.

I Want to Be an Algorithm

As a newly minted media supervisor, I met with a lot of sellers. One company made a huge impact on the way I viewed my role in media.

Leveraging Upper Funnel Tactics in B2B

Why don't more B2B advertisers focus on branding? With the threat of Amazon Business, new emerging marketing channels, and change in the consumer mindset, markers must adapt. Ethan Simblist, VP of Digital Solutions at MeritDirect examines threats, trends, and tactics to drive intent, interest, and sales.

Does A Bullet Really Hit - Professional Development Tips from Martina Merslavic of Own The Room

In the 1950s, we used overhead projectors to share information. Today, we have PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote and other software. Technological advancements make these presentations look smarter compared to the 1950s, but still, they contain way too many bullets. The content is still linear.

Social Media 101 for Marketers: UGC is Everything

UGC is a fundamental aspect of social media but leading brands, and their agencies, continue to fail to understand the importance of UGC and how to effectively communicate with their audiences. This article provides 101 recommendations on how brand marketers should embrace UGC in their social marketing strategies.

Bots Talking To Bots

This past fall I got so sick of getting innumerable, annoying robo calls that I downloaded the app YouMail, which dealt with the problem perfectly.