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Change Creates Energy: Professional Development Tips From Katie Wake of Own The Room

Filters. When you first hear that word, you probably think of that thing you haven't replaced in years, transforming your face into a dog on Snapchat or that one person who doesn't think before they speak.

Franchi's Five

Entrepreneur, investor, and former 212NYC Board member Eric Franchi curates and comments on interesting reads from the world of marketing and media in his a weekly newsletter The IO.  Here are five of our favorites from last month:

How Wall St Priorities are Damaging the Media Ecosystem

Today, the vast majority of media companies are public companies with five constituencies: audiences, advertisers, media agencies, distributors and Wall St. analysts. However, their brand messaging and focus is primarily targeted only to Wall St. and their priorities are based almost exclusively on quarterly-revenue related metrics.

What is the Future of Media & Advertising

Every major media company, agency and leading national advertiser is seeking solutions for serious threats to their businesses. Even as the national television and video marketplace is demonstrating seemingly unbridled exuberance, experts agree that legacy media companies are threatened by new business models and financial issues.

Great Meeting

A sure fire way to induce a room full of sellers to make that confused Scooby Doo face is to tell them you want them to stop having great meetings.

The Opposite of Selling

The opposite of selling is describing. Selling means changing the outcome. It means turning a no to a maybe and a maybe to a yes. It means earning more favorable terms and protocols on a technology deal and overcoming the competition to have your content marketing program win the recommendation.