Franchi's Five


Entrepreneur, investor, and former 212NYC Board member Eric Franchi curates and comments on interesting reads from the world of marketing and media in his a weekly newsletter The IO

From his most recent observations, here are five of our favorites:


1. I’m wired to be optimistic about possibilities, which is probably why I was drawn to investing. For example, I believe that technologies like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and computer vision will create tremendous value for businesses and people over time.
At the same time, however, these are very powerful forces for change and should be taken seriously.

On that note, I highly recommend this piece on the “Information Apocalypse” by Buzzfeed’s Charlie Warzel. It’s centered around the challenge of happens when these technologies are used to manipulate audio, video and other media.


2. I didn’t attend the IAB Annual Leadership meeting this year, but was impressed at the depth of their “21st Century Brand Economy” report. Heads up: it’s a long PDF, but worth the read.


3. IBM Blockchain Aims To Boost Unilever And Digital Media Ad Profit (Jeff Beer/Fast Company). Transparency actually seems to be the major aim of this ads pilot with blockchain. Related, here’s a great Q&A by Ad Age’s Brian Braiker with WP’s Jarrod Dicker, who is leaving to lead a media blockchain startup.


4. Unilever CMO Keith Weed Demands Ad Platforms Make “A Positive Contribution To Society" (Ryan Joe/Adexchanger). Worth reading, especially if you read the prepared remarks. The brand/platform relationship is complicated.


5. The Complete Guide To Amazon's Ad Business (Kelly Liyakasa/Adexchanger). All the ways marketers can spend money with Amazon, along with its various hooks into ad tech.