Franchi's Five


Entrepreneur, investor, and former 212NYC Board member Eric Franchi curates and comments on interesting reads from the world of marketing and media in his a weekly newsletter The IO

From his most recent observations, here are five of our favorites:

1. The Future of Digital Marketing in a Data-Privacy World (Lara O’Reilly/WSJ). A smart piece about the effects of GDPR. Direct customer relationships have always been important but in 2018 they mean everything. “If we think about this just as regulatory compliance, we miss the opportunity it creates,” (SAP’s Mika) Yamamoto says. “If we figure out how the customer wants to connect with us, we have a greater opportunity to connect with them and inspire them.


2. Confessions Of A Digital Dinosaur: Esports Is The Next Great Traditional Sport(Ryan Krueger blog).


3. Amazon advertising is working directly with brands now, cutting out ad agencies(Shareen Pathak/Digiday).


4. Is The DMP Finally Dead? (Marty Kihn/Adexchanger).


5. What Stays on Facebook and What Goes? The Social Network Cannot Answer(Farhad Manjoo/NY Times).