Currencies of Communication


6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

33 West 17th Street , New York , NY


212NYC members can take advantage of this free executive coaching workshop to enhance your internal and client-facing interactions and communication skills.

In this high-energy, interactive session, you will learn:

New communication skills to become a better negotiator and collaborator
How to sharpen your skills to interact better with clients and/or team
Tools for skill development through role-playing and exercises
Perfect both spoken and written communications
How to capitalize on individual communication styles and values (Efficiency, Status, Relationship, Purpose/Meaning, etc), triggers and decision making systems


About Up Communications

UP Business Communications is a communication training company specializing in Storytelling, Presentations, Sales and Leadership Development. UP integrates marketplace expertise, the science behind human communication, and prominent acting techniques to transform professionals’ communication. All UP programs are fully customized.



Ellie Heyman

Ellie Heyman

CCO & Co-Founder of UP Business Communications