Up Your Game and Own the Room, a partnership between 212NYC and Own the Room



212NYC is collaborating with a partner to offer a leadership workshop normally priced at $495.00 per person. As a member, we are proud to bring you this opportunity at no cost. Join us to unleash your potential to lead.

Up Your Game and Own the Room: With Communication Coach Robin Amos Kahn
Do you want to become a more powerful, confident presenter — whether you’re speaking to a small group in a meeting, or addressing a large crowd of colleagues on stage?

Unleash Your Potential with Own The Room. Working with celebrities, C-level executives and professionals at all levels, Own The Room will empower you to perform at the next level, engaging and captivating your audience. In just one hour of highly interactive training, you will boost your executive presence and discover the basic brain science behind connecting so your listeners want to hear more. Communicate your message so it is clearer and more memorable, and discover the #1 secret to feeling comfortable and owning the room